Dodgeball Tournament Spring 2017

Our second Dodgeball Tournament of the school year was a great way to burn off some studio steam! Students gathered in the courtyard starting at 6:30pm on February 1st and began to play as the sun went down. Fighting for the neon balls, teams of five competed against each other to find out who were the best at dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and more dodging! Friends and classmates watched and supported the players by cheering, laughing, and refereeing along the sides of the courtyard's steps. With music in the background, floodlights illuminating neon streaks and players dodging them, the night was one to remember. We hope to continue this new and refreshing Event Series with the entire school for years to come, and look forward to next year's office dodging to be the best!


Marcos Cruz Ortiz

(AIAS Hawaii Secretary 2016-2017)

AIAS Hawaii