Fall 2019 AIAS Hawai‘i
West Quadrant Conference


The term “kuleana,” from a Hawaiian perspective, is an understanding of the responsibility that people have to care for the natural and built environments. We have a kuleana to our land: to care for it and to respect it, and in return, our land has the kuleana to feed, shelter, and clothe us. It is through this relationship that we maintain balance within society and with our natural environment; neither can exist without the other. All should coexist in balance and harmony. It is the relationship between people, nature, and architecture that we as architects have a kuleana for.

Kuleana is an inherent quality and a basic foundation of design. The theme for this conference, KULEANA, will allow students to explore the different architecture in Hawai‘i while enriching in the nature and culture. Students will be exposed to the architectural practices that are specific to Hawai‘i due its unique geographic location and climate and will learn more about how nature, architecture, and people connect.