Q. Why should I join AIAS?

A. By joining AIAS, your voice as a member and as a student can be heard by the school.  You have the power to make changes for the better, and can help your fellow students move forward in their careers.  You are also able to interact with many of the professionals in the architectural community.


Q. What are the benefits to becoming a member?

A. When you become a member, you receive access to all AIAS events and promotions including mentorship programs, firm tours and exclusive social gatherings with professionals in the community.  You also get free access to most of the public AIAS hosted events.  


Q. How much does membership cost? How long is it good for?

A. Currently, membership for the AIAS organization is $57.  Your membership lasts a year; every new cycle starts and ends on the last day of August (August 31st) and first day of September (September 1st) of that year, respectively.


Q. How do I get involved with committees?

A. We have three different types of committees: Public Relations (PR), Events and Studio Representatives.  Joining a committee is easy.  Just talk to any of our officers if you would like to help out! We are always looking for members willing to help us.